The problem

I’m a lazy bastard. But I don’t want to be a lazy bastard. It’s about time I started getting my shit together.

The old solution, and why it doesn’t work

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried to get organized. I tried David Allen’s Getting Things done but it was a bit too complicated. I tried Bullet Journalling, but the problem is I forget to actually do it every day. I’ve tried setting up various kinds of habit trackers with an ambitious list of habits I want to establish, which I’ve forgotten about a few days later.

The problem is always basically the same. I start out very excited, but in a few days time when the novelty has worn off, I lose interest or simply forget about the whole thing, or it becomes too big and overwhelming so I abandon the project all together.

The new solution

The new solution which I’m trying now, I’ve chosen to call Operation Get Your Shit Together (or Operation GYST for short), tries to adress these problem. You can read all the details on the Habit routines page, but it can be summarized like this:

  1. To get organized and productive, I need to get into routines of good habits.
  2. It takes a long time to establish a habit, and I typically give up before I reach that stage.
  3. To avoid giving up, I will start small – a morning routine and an evening routine, initially consisting of one habit each.
  4. The morning routine will initially consist of the habit getting up on time.
  5. The evening routine will initially consist of the habit getting to bed on time.
  6. Forget motivation. Motivation is unreliable, because I will not always be motivated. The system must work without me feeling motivated.
  7. Once I have successfully completed all habits in a routine 20 times in a row, I’ve earned the right to add one more habit to that routine.

So – does it work?

We’ll just have to see. I will post my progress here, to keep myself accountable. If you want to try it too, go read all about on the Habit routines page.